Hi I’m Gio

(It’s ‘Jo’ not ‘Gee-o’, it’s just Italian spelling) 

and welcome to my little corner

of the internet.


I am a facilitator.
A bit of a strange adjective to use, I know… but having a great passion for community building, communication and impact has led me to adopt many different, so-called – professional hats. From Events to Project Management and Digital Communications the common element lies in facilitating ideas, people, and organisations in reaching their objectives. 

Born in Italy, grew up in Boston, and studied at the Arts University Bournemouth. Currently based in📍 Italy.

Oh, almost forgot, I simply adore to talk (and listen) and spend time outside, possibly combining the two.

Project Management

I mainly help non-profit organizations within the outdoor industry, run projects to help tackle the effects of the environmental crisis.

Event Management

From concept development to on-the-ground event production.

Digital Communications

I help small businesses share their message and make an impact through the crafts of storytelling and strategic digital communications.

Intrigued by social impact projects, sustainable (in all its meanings) strategies, wild places, and especially traditions linked to a landscape. 

Seeking to work hard for things that are worth it, and to surround myself with people who fuel my curiosity.